The Best Application to Share and Download APK for Many OS

The Best Application to Share and Download APK for Many OS

If you are now asking what the best application to share and download APK that can be used for many operation system (OS), the answer would be Shareit. This application is applicable for any kind of devices and compatible for any OS be it iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows. What is Shareit anyway? What are the plus points of this app?

– The Facts about Shareit
Who doesnÆt love an app that enables the users to transfer and share file from any devices and OS? By having this app, users donÆt need to spend lots of time finding APK in the internet and download it. Simply connect the device to another friendÆs device that has the APK, wait for the file transfer, and install it. It should be as simple as this. But why should Shareit? What are the interesting facts about it that make it special?

First of all, Shareit is the fastest transfer and sharing app for Windows phone and Android. However, any other OS could also support the use of this application. As it is the fastest sharing app, it becomes one of the most searched and downloadable applications in the Google Play Store.

Every month, Shareit is searched by the average of 1.2 million people around the world. In Google Play, this app has been downloaded for more than 600 million times. With that big number of downloads, there is one in five devices, be it tablets, smartphones, or PCs, that occupy this app.

Application to Share and Download APK for Many OS– The Advantages of Using Shareit
Seeing those numbers above, it can be concluded that Shareit has given some many benefits to lots of users. Let’s see the advantages of this app closely:

First, the biggest advantage of Shareit is the device availability. The users could easily share APK from a device to another device although both devices occupy different platforms. This app works well on Windows PC, Apple Mac computers, Windows Phone smartphones, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Second, Shareit enables the cross platform sharing. This is surely another big advantage. Two users donÆt necessarily have the same OS to be able to share and transfer APK between their devices. Those two users only need to install the application on their own device, connect both devices, and start sharing any APK they need from each other.

A third party app to share and download APK should make the job easy regarding the platform and OS a user may be using. Shareit really answers the need and surely offers lots of advantages to its users.

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