How to Share and Download APK with Whatsapp

There are many ways to share and download APK for our gadgets. Regardless of the operation system we are using, we always want the APK sharing and downloading time to be as quick as possible. While we have Bluetooth and other third party apps, could we just rely on the app we often use? The answer is yes. Whatsapp could do the job. Here is how:

How to Share and Download APK with Whatsapp– Download and Install Dropbox
First, you need to download and install the official app of Dropbox. Once it is installed, signup to get your own account in case you do not have one. After that, log in to your Dropbox account.

– Download and Install CloudSend
Next, get yourself CloudSend app and install it to your device. Then launch the CloudSend app and you will soon get a quick tour. Swipe the screen of your device from right to the left to complete the tour. Then follow all the steps to authorize the app until the end. All you need to do is just clicking Allow button.

In the Dropbox folder, your folder will automatically be named CloudSend. You will have the right to completely control the folder. Next, close the situs judi online application once you complete all the steps in the authorization.

the CloudSend folder– Sending the File
To be able to send any kind of file, all you need to do are pressing and also holding the particular file you want to send through the file manager. Then click the Share button. You will then see some options from the popup box. Choose the CloudSend button and click it.

– The File Transfer
Next, you have to wait for the selected file being uploaded to the folder you created on Dropbox (the CloudSend folder). The length of the file transfer really depends on the size of the file as well as the speed of your connection. However, you don’t need to worry about the size of file you are transferring as CloudSend gives no restriction. Once the file is completely uploaded, you will be given two options: Copy or Share. Choose the one you need to do: sharing the file or directly copying the link of any file.

The File Share and Download– The File Share and Download
When you click the share button, choose Whatsapp as the platform for sharing your file. Then choose any contacts on your Whatsapp with whom you are sharing the link with. After that, you will see the file preview. If your friends device supports that file, he can see the preview of the file. Ask him to download directly through Whatsapp or other browsers.

To share and download APK does not necessarily mean you need to install a brand new app. Simply use Whatsapp, a chatting application that you often use. It is simple and easy, isnÆt it?

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