How to Share and Download APK that Requires You to Pay

Smartphone enables us to do more and more various activities through the phone applications. Unfortunately, some of the great apps we want to use require us to pay some money to be able to use it on our phone. Worry not! Here is how to share and download APK for free even if those are the paid ones.

– Learn Where to Download the APK First
First thing first, you need to know the place from which you can download the APK of a particular program you want to have for free. There are plenty of websites in the internet that enables you to do this. One of them is Blackmart. There are a lot of paid APK there that you can download. Simply select the APK you need and download it.

If you cannot find the APK at the BlackMart, you need to have back up plan. Easy! Simply search for it on Google. This is a method of downloading paid APK from some famous sites providing the extension of .apk. Some websites that provide .apk for free are,, and

Once decide which website you want to use to download APK, search the particular application using the format: app-name.apk. Then, you will get the link to download the APK from the site. After that, install the app to your phone. If you download the APK from your PC, you need to transfer it to your phone before the installation. To make the process simpler, just download the APK directly from your phone.

How to Share and Download APK that Requires You to Pay– Sharing the Downloaded APK
Now that you already have the paid APK that you like, you may need to share it to your friends that need the same program. To share the APK is very easy. There are a lot of third party applications enabling you to share a program with other devices.

However, if you do not want to occupy any third party program, you can simply share the APK with other devices using your Bluetooth as how you usually transfer any photos or sounds file. Besides, you can also share the APK using a chatting application like WA. Choose any application that seems to be the most comfortable for you.

The way to share and download APK even if the paid ones is easy as long as you know what websites to go and what steps to go through. Enjoy all programs you have always wanted for a long time for free!

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