How to Share and Download APK Easily using Android Bluetooth

How to Share and Download APK Easily using Android Bluetooth

Android devices enables us the users to share various files such as sound, images, videos, as well as applications that are installed on our tablet or smartphone. One of the simple ways to share and download APK to another android device with no need of rooting the device is using 3rd party app on Google Play. Here is how:

– Open Google Play
Find your Play Store app on your phone and launch it. Then find an app named APK Extractor and download it. This app is small-size and free.

– Install the App
Once you find the APK Extractor app, tap on the install button to install it on your tablet or phone. For a while until the download is finished.

How to Share and Download APK Easily using Android Bluetooth– Start the APK Sharing
When the installation of the app is finished, launch it by tapping on the icon shortcut on your devices screen. Once the app is open, you will be able to see all of the apps that are currently installed on your device and also all of the active apps on your phone.

– Choose the App
Now, select the app that you want to share with your friend. To do it, you only need to tap the program and hold it. Wait until you see pop-up menu appears.

– Send the APK
Next, select the option of Send APK. Once it is selected, APK Extractor apps will covert, extract, and then compress the program you selected into an installable file of APK that you could send.

– Include Bluetooth
Next, you will see many sharing options in the list. Choose Bluetooth as your sharing option.

– Activate the Bluetooth
At this step, make sure you already activate the Bluetooth on your device. Also, make sure the receiving device already has its Bluetooth switched on. Next, connect both devices Bluetooth connection. To do it, scan any Bluetooth devices nearby and wait until you see names of devices whose Bluetooth is on the list.

How to Share and Download APK Easily using Android Bluetooth– Wait for the File Transfer
Next, you need to wait for the other device to accept the request of Bluetooth transfer. Once the request is accepted, the file transfer is begun. Wait until it is finished. Then, open the transferred APK file and install the app. You don’t need to download anything to get the APK, simply wait for the APK transfer to finish.

Third party app in collaboration with Bluetooth really makes the share and download APK process easier. You don’t need to browse the APK online and the download it. Simply use APK Extractor and send it to the receiving device.

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