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How to Extract APK from Android So That It Is Shareable to Other Users

Sharing apps with our friends is a common way to make most of our smart phones. Unfortunately, some apps that we want are usually not easy to find so we need our friends to send the app to us. However, we need to extract APK from android first before the app is able to be shared. Here are some ways to do that:

Using Assistant for Android
To extract APK from the app you are about to transfer, you can use Assistant for Android. Download this app from Google Play Store, install it, and open it. Don’t worry, this app only requires 1MB of your internet data package.

Then, click the checkbox located next to the list of apps whose APK files need extracting. After that, click the option of “Backup” at the bottom. Once you click that button, the process of extracting the APK will be started. The APK file you just extracted will be stored in the SD Card. Find the APK file in the folder of Android Assistance App Backup folder. To navigate to the path, get a help from your device’s file manager.

Using File Explorer
You can also use File Explorer. Before extracting an APK file, make sure you already have this app installed to your device. If not, go find the app in the File Explorer. Then, install it. Then, on the main screen, select “Apps” option to find the app whose APK you want to extract.

Then, tap and hold the chosen app and select the option of “Backup” that appears at the nav bar at the bottom of the app display. That action will backup to apps you selected. After that, select “Open” to find your back up app. This action will bring you to the location on your device where the backup file is located in.

Remember to extract APK from android so that you are able to send your friends the app they want. There are absolutely many ways to do the extraction. Choose the one that looks easier for you or simply with the app that you already have on your device.

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