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Best Apps for Sharing APK File via Android Bluetooth

We usually occupy sharing apps that uses WiFi/Mobile Hotspot to share APK such as Xender. Unfortunately, sharing app like Xender is sometimes not available and what is left is the sharing app with Bluetooth. So, now, let’s see best apps for sharing APK file via Android Bluetooth that enable you to share APK anytime:

– Simple APK Share
As it name suggests, Simple APK Share is one of the simplest and easiest APK sharing app you can use. Like other APK sharing apps, Simple APK Share will help you share any APK files to any other android devices or android users. This app also enables you to easily find the apps in your bulky list. So, you don’t need to spend long time finding the app you want to share. Besides, this app is also able to make the backup of the installed apps. What is more from Simple APK Share is that you can share this app through Skype, Email, Outlook, Google Drive, ShareIt and then install the application with the app easily.

ES File Explorer File Manager– ES File Explorer File Manager
If you have been using Android for long time, you must have been familiar with ES File Explorer File Manager. This app is one of the best apps of file manager you can rely on. Not only is ES File Explorer File manage a superb file manager, it is also a useful sharing application you can occupy to share any APK files easily. Using this app, you can send APK file through many ways: Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Xender, and many other media.

As long as we have Bluetooth, we can always share APK file with our friends. We don’t need to rely on internet connection or any WiFi or mobile hotspot. That’s why, make sure you have those best poker online apps for sharing APK above in your device.

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