Best App for Sharing Apk and Files across Platforms!

Due to the need for it, there are many apps for sharing apk and files that are available today. They all offer decent help for you to send and receive apk and files among the same platform devices or even between platforms, like Android to Android or Android from iOS. So what are the best ones?
– SuperBeam
This app requires the two devices, the sender and receiver, to be able to send and receive files. Then, you also need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network. If both devices support it, you can transfer it using NFC and QR codes as well.
This app allows you to send almost all kinds of files, from ZIP to apk, making it easy to share documents and apps whenever you need it.
– Xender
This is another app that allows you to share any files and apps as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi. Yes, it requires both devices to have the same apps, and to be paired before. It is very easy and common anyway.
It supports all kinds of files from photos to videos, from documents to apk. Sending files is very easy and this app gets almost no bad comments.
AppWererabbit– AppWererabbit
This agen sbobet app is maybe the best of all apps in this category. While other apps allow you to send easily, this one allows you to manage, control, import, and even export with your contacts. You are able to send files and save it on cloud, while you can also backup them all on other ways too.
In addition to it, you can search, install, or rename your files anytime anywhere. So this app allows you to more than share and download files or apk. It is like a magic app everyone should have.

If you often need to manage, send and receive apk and files, it is best to get one of those apps above. It makes it easy and fast. You’ll enjoy using it.

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